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Piedmont Park Aerial, Atlanta

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As the fitness wave takes over the nation many of us are trying to get back in our groove and get in shape. Here in Atlanta so many fitness groups and trainers have been on social media promoting a healthy lifestyle with the right workout, but for most of us seeing a trainer is probably not very practical. So, what do you do? Run! Atlanta is home to some great running trails throughout the city and the Greater Metro Atlanta area. Many people frequent these areas every day to get their workout in and get great views at the same time.

One of the top places to run in Atlanta is the Atlanta Beltline, which runs 33 miles throughout the city including numerous trails that vary for different uses. If you love hiking the Beltline has trails for you right in the city, and if you want to get a feel of the city life the Eastside trails are for you! Piedmont Park also is home for many avid runners in the city. Piedmont Park is over 200 acres and filled with trails and running tracks just for you! The park houses an active oval that is about half a mile in circumference and it doubles as a playing ground for soccer, volleyball and softball fields. So, while you’re getting your daily run in you can also catch a game as well!

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The Greater Metro Atlanta area is home to some pretty serene running trails full of wildlife. The Chattahoochee National Park has a very unique system of trails like the Cochran Shoals trails which is about three miles long. During you’re run you can expect to see views of the Chattahoochee River and all its wildlife. Another popular trail in Greater Metro Atlanta is the Silver Comet Trail. This trail is about 61 miles long stretching across three counties and ends near the Alabama/ Georgia state line. This trail runs along old abandoned railroad lines which gives the trails a more rustic feel. Runners also don’t have to worry about any motorized vehicles on this trail as it is only designed for walkers, hikers, runners and even horses! Kennesaw Mountain has a very diverse selection of trails ranging from easy to strenuous. This variety in trails gives all runners a chance to find the trail that suits their workout needs the best! Stone Mountain also has a variety of trails as well and some of them even lead you up to the top of the mountain where you can get a great view of the state of Georgia. If going up the mountain is not for you, the hiking trails in the wooded areas in the park serve as a great alternative! Don’t let your fitness slip by you this year grab your water bottle and lace up your shoes! Whether you’re in the city or in its surrounding areas there are great places to run all around Atlanta!

words by: Sydnee Evans

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