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A Black woman in Ohio is recovering in a hospital after being beaten up by police over a botched order at Mcdonald’s.

On Monday Latinka Hancock, in Butler Township, ordered a Big Mac with extra cheese. After the restaurant gave her the order she quickly noticed that there was no extra cheese on her burger. That’s when things began to spiral out of control.

Her complaints to the burger joint quickly escalated into a heated argument, which is when the restaurant workers claim they were forced to call the police. After law enforcement arrived the disagreement essentially turned into a brawl.

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In the video obtained by TMZ, two officers are forcibly detaining Hancock, seemingly attempting to arrest her. That’s when one of the cops repeatedly punched her in the head before forcing her into cuffs. The guy holding the camera ran out to the parking lot and asked the officers “Why’d you punch her?”. He didn’t get a response.

It’s being reported that the officers are currently under investigation for this incident as Hancock recovers in the hospital. Her lawyer, Michael Wright, says they’ll be making a public statement about this incident in the near future.

Being a person of color in this country is incredibly taxing. We’re not exactly sure of all the events that led up to this specific incident, but it goes without saying that a woman of color, or any human being for that matter, shouldn’t have to worry about run-ins with police because they aren’t satisfied with their takeout order.

This story is developing. Please check back for updates.

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