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Grammy and Oscar-winning entertainer Jamie Foxx continues to be on the mend following a medical emergency last month while filming a Netflix movie. Now, we are getting more details into his recovery.

TMZ reports that the Hollywood triple-threat is currently in a rehabilitation center in Chicago. The exact location is unknown, but it’s said to be the top physical medicine and rehab center in the country.

TMZ photographers spotted Jamie’s two daughters, Corinne and Anelise, in the city over the weekend, along with Anelise’s mother Kristin Grannis.

In the photos (click here), Grannis is seen with Mother’s Day flowers and a balloon, presumably from Jamie, while Anelise is seen carrying her guitar. Corinne, meanwhile, is shown cracking a smile as she spoke with her boyfriend during one of the visits.

Judging by the pics, it appears that they’re all in good spirits, which is hopefully a sign that Jamie’s rehab is going well.

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Although the true nature of Jamie’s medical crisis is still unknown, a source tells TMZ that the facility specializes in stroke recovery and rehab for traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and cancer.

The facility is also known for its adaptive sports and fitness program (which could explain Jamie playing pickleball recently, as Corinne mentioned last week while giving an update on her dad’s health).

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In all, it appears that Jamie’s recovery is going in a great direction. In fact, earlier Monday (May 15), Jamie and Corinne announced that they are hosting a new music trivia show, We Are Family, in 2024 on FOX.

You can read more about the new show HERE.

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