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7 Eleven storefront with sign, We accept EBT and SNAP, Queens, New York

7-Eleven, the legendary convenience store known for sweet oversized drinks and more, found itself in headlines nationwide after a new video went viral highlighting why shoplifting can lead to a fade delivery. A California 7-Eleven store and its workers had a run-in with a very bold thief who landed on the bad business end of a wooden stick.

As reported by TMZ and other outlets, a 7-Eleven in Stockton, Calif. was the site of an individual walking inside the store and shoving cartons of cigarettes into a trash can who then attempted to walk out the store with the stolen goods. A worker cornered the man and his partner came around the bend armed with a stick and unleashed a beating on the man.

If that wasn’t humiliating enough, the man swinging the stick appeared to be holding back because he really could have gone to town on Mr. Grabby Hands. However, the image of the thief scrambling on the floor and getting beat with the wooden stick will live in our heads for a long time.

It isn’t known if the unknown thief in the video faced charges.

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