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Fugitive Danelo Cavalcante Captured

Source: Handout / Getty

The search for “crab-walking” escaped convict, Danelo Cavalcante is finally over, and now we’re learning exactly how the man was able to survive all these weeks on the run. It wasn’t pretty.

According to TMZ, Danelo did everything he could to survive out in the wilderness of Pennsylvania including eating fruits and drinking water from nearby creeks (that explains the athleticism he used to crab walk up a prison wall). But in order to keep his whereabouts secret, he even concealed his excrement, according to authorities who are picking his brain to learn how he was able to avoid detection for so long.

TMZ reports:

Cavalcante gave investigators a window into his method of survival for 14 days in the forest after he was nabbed Wednesday by a large contingent of police officers and federal marshals in rural Chester County.

The convicted murderer said he stayed out of sight by primarily moving around at night, burying himself under thick brush and covering his poop with leaves, according to Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshall Robert Clark, who was involved in the manhunt.

Clark appeared on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show Wednesday night, saying Cavalcante had a few close calls with officers, who almost stepped on him while he was under the thickets. In fact, the tactical team was only 7-to-8 yards away from Cavalcante on three occasions.

Cavalcante made news when he scaled a wall at a Chester County Prison on Aug. 31 after being sentenced to life in prison for stabbing his girlfriend to death. Since then the town was gripped in fear as schools were closed and people were told to be wary of the convicted murderer who would no doubt look for food, clothing and shelter.

Earlier this week, Cavalcante broke into a home and stole a .22 caliber rifle before the home owner opened fire on him, sending Cavalcante running for cover. Luckily, authorities were finally able to track down the fugitive and have taken him off the streets of Pennsylvania, giving its residents reason to breath easier whenever traveling through their community.

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