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Faith Johnson, a Black, Republican woman who lost her reelection bid for Dallas district attorney by a landslide, has been slammed for her handling of the Botham Shem Jean case. Now the newly elected DA , retired judge and Black Democrat John Creuzot, is reflecting on her work on the case.

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District Attorney-elect Creuzot told Fox 4 in Dallas, “I think the problem with the case so far has been the lack of transparency about it.” Fox 4 reports, “Based on what he’s seen in media reports, Creuzot is concerned that the DA’s office, under Johnson, was not forthcoming enough to the public about the progress of the investigation. The case has yet to be presented to a grand jury and Creuzot views the manslaughter charge against fired officer Amber Guyger as insufficient.”

Creuzot also stated, “I haven’t seen anything, including the probable cause affidavit, that would suggest that it’s a manslaughter case. And so, I think that without knowing it, I think that based on what we know, I think that we should be honest and say the more likely, the appropriate charge is murder.”

After Johnson lost the election, she said she wanted to stay on the Jean case, expressing, “We are still proceeding with that case. And by the way, that case is going to the grand jury very soon. I want the opportunity to bring the indictment. It happened under my watch, and I think that’s very significant that I take this case to the grand jury.”

Yeah, and the failures happened on her watch as well. There have been countless “mistakes” made in this case, from never searching Amber Guyger‘s apartment to claiming Botham Jean was a pothead to protesters being in jail longer than Guyger was. Johnson lost to Creuzot by over 20 points. She needs to be bow out and let the new DA do his job.

On September 6, 30-year-old police officer Guyger killed 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean in his own home. She was charged with manslaughter and is still out on the streets.


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