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Young Couple Holding Hands and Walking Through Fall Leaves

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Don’t let stress and depression ruin your holidays. There’s been a long-standing myth that suicide rates increase over the holiday season and the pressures from the J-O-B, family pressures, standards of society, etc. add to it.

We’re in full bloom Fall (even though it doesn’t feel like it), and it represents change and transition.

It’s time to take Physical, Mental and Spiritual Inventory. Here are Five (5) ways to elevate your life this fall season, so you can live THAT absolute best life.

  1. EMBRACE CHANGE – Time to reflect, stay focus and find balance. Perhaps letting go of those relationships, jobs, unhealthily habits, or a negative mindset.  If it is causing strife, anger or resentment, then it’s time to let it go. Your Peace is worth it!
  2. LET GO – Like the dead leaves that fall off the tree, it’s time to prune it. This is a time to let go of dead things in your life.
  3. EXPECT A HARVEST – Like farmers work on their fall harvest crops, this is also a good representation in our spiritual lives. All the seeds you’ve been planting by continuing to cultivate and water the seed. Keep working, keep praying and stay committed until you see your seed sprout up. The harvest is near.
  4. BE COMFORTED – Focus on spiritual alignment and working on things that will encourage your soul.  It’s a good time to speak affirmations over your life, stay in gratitude and surround yourself with positive people. The more spiritual alignment the more peace you’ll have.
  5. PREPARE FOR WINTER – If we prepare, we don’t have to let the winter season overtake us. Learning to say NO and decreasing the stress in your life.  Meaning, working on your spiritual being through prayer and meditation.

Niecey Shaw