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You have one week and two more weekends before Christmas. And that means you better get started. Yes we’re talking to you – the last-minute procrastinators, the disorganized, the busy or the ones ‘waiting on the next paycheck before I can knock off this gift list’ types. We’re here to help – we’ve got the last-minute gift guide for everyone on your list.

No need to say thank you. – we understand. Keep in mind, online is the easiest way to order if you’ve waited this long, but check each website for their latest ordering date for delivery for Christmas. Also keep in mind these are the busiest times of the year for all retailers, so if you want to be absolutely sure the gifts arrive on time, pick them up in person, as there are no guarantees. Big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target will alllow you to shop online and pick up at the store.


Some of this year’s coolest gifts are not electronic, which should make some parents very happy as phone addiction is real. If there’s any gift that encourages some family time as well, then that’s a blessing since much of the time it seems like you’re talking to your kids while they’re barely looking up from their Instagram feed.


If your young child wants a pet but you know you’ll be the one taking care of it, get them a Scruff A Luv toy. It requires your child to wash and take care of their ‘pet’ in order to see it grow into the final product. While parents who reviewed it weren’t always happy with the scruffy toy that emerges, they did say that for the most part, their kids adored it. $11


If you know anything about kids, you know they love anything gross. So this game is made for them. The idea is that using a blindfold, and after scattering squishy pods of “poop” around a mat, you try to evade the piles. $25 and up


This kit made “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list. It encourages children to be creative with a full spectrum of arts and crafts supplies. Although they might still go to YouTube to figure out the how-to’s, at least they’ll be expanding their creativity with something tactile. There are also multiple options including a jewelry making kit, wooden toy making kit and a board book one. From $37.99


Teens are notoriously hard to buy for, as everything you like is corny to them and everything they like is corny to you. But after you’ve bought every video game and electronic thing they want, what’s left? Here are few things they may like but don’t blame us if they don’t. You can always give them a gift card if you’re not sure.



If your son or daughter  is one of the kids who always has to have the latest, Supreme is a brand that would qualify. They have limited runs of each item so when it’s gone, it’s gone. Although the brand, which started out as a skateboard shop and line, has been around since 1994, its become increasingly popular in the last few years.

Each time the brand makes a “drop” or releases new product, there are lines around their Brooklyn, NYC, London, France and Japan stores. While a lot of their clothing becomes coveted and resold far beyond the original price, you can still pick up a shirt on their website for under $100. You can also check Ebay and shopping app Poshmark for cheaper options, just make sure you buy from trusted sellers with a history who have good feedback. $110 for this sweater, various



If your teen girl (or boy)  is always looking for just the perfect filter and lighting, here’s the perfect gift – a phone case that comes with its own light. If you can’t get them off the phone, at least make sure their selfies come out well-lit. $63.10


NFL Apparel 

If your uncle’s favorite phrase is ‘Who Dat” then we know who he’s rooting for. Or maybe’s its your auntie always wanting to call you after a Sunday game to talk about ‘Dem Boyz.” You know they’d appreciate some official gear to celebrate their team’s victories and to cry in after a loss. $: Various


Shea Moisture Beard Kit 


You love the feeling of his beard when he’s nuzzling you, so you’ve got as much motivation as he does to keep it well-groomed. Shea Moisture’s well-reviewed beard 4-piece beard kit uses the all-natural ingredients that are a hallmark of the brand and includes beard wash, detangler, conditioning oil and balm. $34.49




She may not have an actual crown, but she is a queen to you and your family. Nigerian-American designer Addie Olutola  started D’Iyanu in 2014 to provide fashion-forward clothing with an African twist. Since then, through the power of social media, the brand has become a popular choice for fashionistas looking to combine style with cultural expression. $: Various Sizes up to 3X for women and men.


Hurricane Snakeskin Boots 

The days that moms wanted a toaster or vacuum cleaner are over. Chances are, your mother has a thriving life and career and is competing with you for Instagram likes. She also likely has a mean shoe game. If that’s that case, here’s a good choice for her. Newly minted duchess Meghan Markle’s favorite boots, according to The Daily Mail, are $550 by the designer Dear Frances. But London-based brand TopShop makes a comparable pair for less than half the cost. Their snakeskin Hurricane boot comes in four colors and has a comfortable stacked heel. Here’s to you, Moms!

Good American Jeans 

If your mom’s not into shoes, chances are she’s into jeans. Out of all the celebrity designer brands, Good American is one of the best. The high-quality denim, various fit and size-inclusivity make them a winner. Yes, they are expensive, but that’s why they’re perfect for a once-a-year gift, especially if you have the type of mother who doesn’t believe in spending a lot on herself. Right now, a lot of styles are on sale on and you can also find good deals on the discount shopping app, `Poshmark.


InstaShiatsu Foot Massager 


Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” makes another appearance on this list with this foot massager. If we know anything about our grandmothers, whether they are in their 40’s or their 70’s, they still work or have worked hard.

So their feet deserve a break. This foot massager is said to work miracles on tired feet, so we think Mom-Mom will appreciate it. Oprah said she heard a choir of angels sing when she used it, and who are we to question Oprah? $199

Eternal Fleur Flower Box 

Since Amazon doesn’t guarantee Christmas delivery on the massager, there’s another option for Grandmom. Eternal Fleur creates roses that come in beautiful boxes that last for a year. There is some secret sauce in how that’s done, but the roses are real and come in an array of colors. There are several box options from crocodile to Lucite, and you can order flowers in different quantities as well – from a single rose to a dozen. It’s like getting flowers that (almost) last forever.



Tile Phone and Key Finder 

You love Pop but he’s always forgetting something, so waiting on him to get out the door to come pick up the grandkids is a pain. Hook him up with the Tile Finder which can help him locate his keys and his phone via Bluetooth technology. That should help him and you out. $59 and up

Jabra Wireless Headphones 

If he’s a music lover, then add some wireless headphones to his list as well. The best under $50 are the Jabra Move wireless which have a battery life of 8 hours and are surprisingly good for the price. Throw in Spotify or Tidal premium (Grandpa can share your account passwords) and you’ve got a winning Xmas gift combo. $49.98





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