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Cardi B and Offset were married last year and welcomed a baby girl earlier this year. They have recently broken up because of Offset’s history of cheating. Offset recently interrupted Cardi during a performance with a grand gesture to apologize. Some women were angry and called him disrespectful and others think Cardi would be being too hard on him if she doesn’t take him back.

There are many people in similar situations. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with life coach Sheri Riley, who discusses how to heal and when it’s just time to leave the relationship.

Riley says the first step is figuring out if the focus is love or to feed egos. The ego can go both ways, she says a woman’s ego can be fed by being able to show all of her girlfriends what her man did for her and the male ego can be fed by ‘do we equagte love with control or ego’” is it love or that person’s ego?

The most important step is healing, she says you both need to take time to heal and do the work on yourselves.

There are situations where you just need to end the relationship. These signs are, “any form of abuse of any kind,” “when he won’t take responsibility for his actions,” or  “when he minimizes his actions” or how they’ve hurt you.

Most importantly do what feels right to you.


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