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In this week’s edition of white people never learn , a man that Twitter has named Hallway Hasselhof refused to let his Black neighbor into his apartment building.

“What are you doing in my building?” the white man asks. “You don’t live here.”

Chika Okafor posted video of the confrontation to social media noting that he was interrogated for the crime of existing in a white space as a free Black man. Writing that the man in the video “interrogated” him while he was waiting for a Lyft on the first floor of his apartment building with a friend, who caught the whole exchange on video.

“I’ve lived here 27 years and I’ve never seen you,” said Hallway Hasselhof. Apparently, Okafor should have sent out an e blast informing everyone in the building that a Black man had moved in, to prevent a scene like this one from unfolding.

The white man was visibly upset that Okafor was not losing his composure because he folded his arms and stated “I can be as cool as you.”

“You left your MAGA hat upstairs, man,” the friend filming the heated conversation tells the man in the video.

Obviously this isn’t sitting well with Twitter who had a lot to say about Hallway Hasselhoff.

“What was with him criticizing you for being calm, collected and cool. These people can’t stand that a black man can be more dignified and cooler than they will ever be,” one Twitter user commented, Yahoo reports.

“If he was truly backing down to be neighborly, he would have done neighborly things like introduce himself or extend a handshake,” another person wrote. “His intentions were very clear.”

No word on what happened to Hallway Hasselhoff yet but we’re sure the Twitter detectives will identify him soon!


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