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Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta (USA)

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At the top of every year new laws signed into law in the previous year go into effect, but many people don’t even know what they are. 2019 is no exceptions with more than 100 new Georgia laws that are now apart of our culture. Here are 5 new Georgia laws you might not have heard of.


1. HB 657 – Firearms; providing to person on probation as a felony first offender; make unlawful

This amendment makes it illegal to provide firearms to anyone who is known to be on probation as a felony first time offender.


2. SR 685 – Georgia Coast; bed of tidewater known as “Runaway Negro Creek”; rename to “Freedom Creek”

This law renames the tidewater bed on the Georgia coast, known as “Runaway Negro Creek,” to “Freedom Creek.


3. HR 279 – Single Parent Day; March 21; designate each year

This law designates each March 21st as Single Parents Day.


4. HB 732 – Crimes and offenses; trafficking an individual for sexual servitude; provisions

This law gives harsher and stricter punishment for anyone caught trafficking an individual for sexual servitude.


5. SR 146 (Marcy’s Law) – Certain Rights for Victims; suffered or harmed due to an act committed; in violation of the criminal or juvenile delinquency laws; provide-CA

This law gives crime victims more transparency and access to information about their case


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