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Jemele Hill Turns The Page On A New Chapter In Life


Its hit the news that ESPN sports host Jemele Hill will no longer co-host the show SportsCenter and will work with the companies online publication The Undefeated as a writer. Many have been concerned for what this means for the talented sports journalist.

“Very very very happy. I know for some people on the outside looking in it seems like a strange thing,” expressed Hill. “But I need to be happy and return to my roots.”

Hill was not fired from her television job or pushed out. It was her decision  to leave the show. “I was a newspaper writer before I got to ESPN,” informed Hill. “The T.V. thing just kind of happened. This is just me going back to my roots.”

The Undefeated is a publication that deeper explores sports and it’s relation to culture in this world. “It covers specifically the intersection of race, sports and culture,” explained Hill. “I miss commentary and I miss being able to weigh in on some things. I wanted to weigh in on those things and the function of that show (SportsCenter) isn’t that.”

Hill recently was able to fund 200 students from her hometown of Detroit, MI to see Black Panther after seeing it herself and getting inspired. “This movie is absolutely outstanding. It’s going to be in the conversation for best Marvel movie they’ve ever done. It is a superhero movie but it’s like it was built for todays time,” explained Hill.

Kids living in hard cities and neighborhoods,”need constant reminders that they are allowed to hope,” by seeing this movie expressed Hill.



Jemele Hill Turns The Page On A New Chapter In Life  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com