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Daughter of the amazing boxing legend Muhammad Ali and a legend herself in the world of boxing, Laila Ali loves having the legacy of her father flowing inside her and feels that she’s been able to do her own thing in life while still keeping the memory of her father alive.

“You know what? I don’t know anything different but I would have to say it feels amazing because I’m really blessed not only as individual along with the rest of you who got to witness him and be a part of his life time but to just have that same DNA running through my blood,” expressed Ali. “I feel really really special. But that’s not enough, you know I have to do my own thing.”

Ali has made a name for herself not just in the boxing world but in the television world to. She explains how there were no limits on her as a child which allowed her to grow up and be able to achieve amazing things.

“There were no limits on me. And that was just something I expected. So I just felt like, and I still feel like I just have to decide what it is that I want to do first. Then find that passion, because you know you have to be passionate about that’s something definitely that I think my parents fostered in me and also living by example,” explained Ali. “I do the same thing for my kids. My kids know that I was boxing and now I host, you know I’m currently hosting Home Made Simple on Oprah’s network on OWN comes on every Saturday. You know I got to plug that. And they’re just like, ‘wow mom and you cook and you have a cook book coming out.’ And they understand hard work and they see it paying off at a young age.”

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