Bishop T.D. Jakes’ new book Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into Power is a guide to what to do when your world is falling apart around you. He tells the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew that “God turns pain into power,” and he’s done it in his own life.

Jakes shares that when he and his family moved to Dallas he felt like his life was falling apart, he and his wife both lost their moms and their teenage daughter became pregnant.

Looking back he has a perspective that he couldn’t have had while going through it. Particularly about his daughter’s pregnancy, he realizes now that it was “part of the process” that he couldn’t “shield her from” and built her into who she is today. Adding that he’s extremely proud of her.

He encourages us to look at life like a bow and arrow, “the more you pull it back the further it shoots.”

His book is available now.


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