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Another white person has been caught on tape calling police on a black person because … well, just because.

In this case, the man, a father was begged by his tearful son not to do it, but we’re sure you know how that turned out.

The white man accused Wesley Michel, a black software engineer, who was visiting a friend at a San Francisco apartment building, of trespassing. The man, who has been identified as Christopher Cukor, asked to know the name of Michel’s friend who lived on the property. When Michel didn’t give his friends name, Cukor called police.

While his father was on the phone, according to the Daily Mail, the man’s son tugged at his jacket and pleaded with him to stop, saying: “Daddy, don’t.”

 Michael can be heard saying, “I’m recording you right now and you’re going to be the next person on TV. Just remember that, and you have your son with you.”

Cukor responds, “You don’t need to threaten me, you just need to get out of the building.”

As he tells police that “there’s a trespasser in my building,” his son cries, “Daddy, don’t. It’s for better. I agree with him, daddy.”

Cukor continues talking to police and says the visitor is, “filming me and refusing to leave” continuing that he “tailgated through the door, as I left he walked in.”

Off screen, the man’s friend arrives and is warmly greeted before the white man finally puts his phone down.

The video was originally shared by Michel and was later shared online by activist Tariq Nasheed.

According to Nasheed, Cukor is a YouTube employee who has since deleted his social media accounts.


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