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Because Bill Bellamy is an original player and a big dog he was able to get all of “the fellas of the world” together for a meeting. At this meeting he says the discussed and took a vote on “fake booties.” He claims that over 1 million men voted and decided that they no longer want “fake booties,” “we done,” he says.

The fake booties were okay for a while but now he feels they’re getting out of hand. “One booty cheek is bigger than the other,” or even worse, they have big fake booties and “regular legs.” From now on he says they’re going to honor and pay  “tribute to girls who have earned their real booties”, or the “original double dutch” booties, as he calls them.

As far as the rest of the female body…..”we gonna let them do what they want with the rest of it but we want the booty to be real,” he explains.

You can catch Bellamy this weekend in New York at Caroline’s on Broadway.


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