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NBC shared that Mitch McConnell is the decedent of slave owners. It was reported that they owned 14 slaves. This isn’t unusual, but the difference is that he’s the senate majority holder. It’s especially interesting because he said he doesn’t think the US should pay African Americans reparations for something that happened over 150 years ago that “none of us currently living” is responsible for. In 1850 his great grandfather owned 5 female slaves from the ages of 2 to 22, 4 of them were classified as mulatto or mixed, meaning someone white is a parent. One 22 year old slave was identified as Black, D.L. assumes this is the mother. So, he says not only did they own people but they raped them. Mitch McConnell can decide if America deals with reparations or not. This is troublesome for D.L. No, he wasn’t there when his great grandfathers did what they did, but he directly benefited from it.

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