Inside Her Story: We Still Haven’t Brought Back Our Girls


The Bring Back Our Girls Campaign was a big deal years ago, but now it seems like the world has forgotten. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Isha Sesay, who has not forgotten about the girls. Back in 2014, 277 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped thus prompting the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign. As of today 112 girls are still missing and Sesay is pushing for their safe return.

She wrote Beneath The Tamarind Tree, which puts the missing girls back in the spotlight. When it comes to these girls Sesay says “we never really moved beyond the headlines.” When white kids go missing they get a lot of attention and there’s an effort to “humanize them,” she says. What she wants the world to know is that “African children matter too. They have dreams they have aspirations and their parents love them too.”

“The Nigerian government can do more” she insists. After he book was released the Nigerian government invited her to come to Nigeria to sit down and have a conversation with them. She says this proves that “public pressure works.”


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