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Harlem’s own, Dapper Dan is a fashion designer and icon. He has worked with many well known brands as well as created looks for many celebrities like Eric B. & Rakim, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Peppa; just to name a few. He started his work hustling in the streets of Harlem and has now earned a spot as one of the most well respected individuals in the fashion game. In his new book, Dapper Dan: Made In Harlem, Dap shares in-depth stories of his upbringing, his love for Harlem, and much more.

Dapper Dan sat down with Chief Executive Officer of PMM Agency, Kimberly A. Blackwell to have a discussion about: his Harlem roots, what pushed him into fashion, and what he did to help Gucci comeback from the blackface scandal. Check it all out below.

Dapper Dan’s confidence, history, and insight into the world is one to be inspired by.

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