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The obstacle that most of us face is that we tend to think feeding our souls can wait. We starve our souls when we rush through life. It happens when….

– We gulp down your food, never appreciating its taste,

– We have no time for anyone,

– Our minds are always on the future worrying and fretting about the consequences of our actions,

– We get stuck in the past and refusing to move on and also

– We do not give our full attention to the present moment.

When you feel “stuck” and nothing seems to flow in your life, you can bet the soul is seeking your attention. Start to nurture your soul to improve the quality of living. If you are currently starving yourself of love, warmth and all things chocolate, it is time to do things differently.   In fact, the more you nurture your soul, the more happy you feel.

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So the question arises: What feeds your soul? What sets your soul on fire? What gets you through the tough times and has you come out even stronger? The answers to these questions are the medicine your soul is seeking. A worthy inquiry, indeed! Search your own soul for the answers. Here are my Top 25to  kickstart the process of savouring the nectar of life::

How to Nurture Your Soul

If you are starved in the soul, you may say that you are starved for ideas on how to nurture your soul as well. Well, here are 25 ways to kickstart the process of savouring the nectar of life:

  1. Take walks in nature and notice everything.
  2. Engage in creative art eg. create a scrapbook from your favourite photos.
  3. Sing in the shower, the car, the bedroom, anywhere!
  4. Listen to soothing music.
  5. Put on some music and dance.
  6. Read a good fictional book.
  7. Savor every bite of your meal.
  8. Meditate in serence surroundings.
  9. Go on a relaxing vacation.
  10. Bake a cake.
  11. Visit a museum or an art gallery.
  12. Watch a comedy. Laugh!
  13. Write poetry.
  14. Do a random act of kindness.
  15. Daydream.
  16. Play the voilin or any musical instrument.
  17. Connect with your romantic partner via an engaging conversation over tea.
  18. Connect with your spirit guides.
  19. Make peace with the person you just fought with.
  20. Volunteer your services to a non-profit organization and not just via a monetary donation. Open your heart chakra!
  21. Play with your kids.
  22. Journal or write creatively.
  23. Say yes to a new adventure!
  24. Live on the edge!
  25. Find every reason to celebrate and feel the joy when you do!

Make A Date With Your Soul!