The war against police brutality is an on going battle that has few highs and way too many lows to count. We often hear about these incidences after someone has died but never from someone who has survived it.

26-year-old Breaion King, a teacher in Austin, TX was pulled over by an officer on a traffic stop in June of 2015. The officer violently pulled King out of her car and body slammed her. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with King and her attorney Erica Griggs about the incident and the HBO documentary Traffic Stop.

“Well when I think about Sandra Bland. I felt like it could have been me,” explained King. Bland was arrested a month after her in Texas. “I just remember being so hurt when I came back,” she said. “I didn’t get to tell the right people and maybe I could have helped to save her life.”

HBO reached out to King asking if they could make a documentary about her experience.

“Well HBO called and I’m a person that feels energy and vibes. When I met them they seemed so just, I don’t know amazing,” expressed King. “Like they were going to be honest and they genuinely cared about me. So that made me feel like I was able to genuinely share my story.”

Currently King and her attorney Griggs are in the midst of a case filed against the city of Austin and the officer that assaulted her.



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