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After we learned that Gary Owen and his wife Kenya Duke were ending their 23-year marriage, I’m sure there were a few questions about what went down. And it wasn’t long before Duke gave us some insight. She shared that Gary had been sleeping with someone woman in Dallas, Texas and Claudia Jordan’s friend was somehow linked.

It was a damning accusation whether it was Claudia herself or a friend. So, last night, Claudia hopped on Instagram Live to clear her name and let Kenya know that she didn’t appreciate being dragged into their personal drama.


Check out the highlights from her conversation in the excerpt and video below. 

“I’ve been friends with Gary Owen for about 20 years. The fact that I’m being dragged into this is stupid and it’s just not true. I have reached out to friends of Kenya so we can talk woman to woman and not play this out in front of everybody. But I also want to keep it 100 with my peoples and tell the facts.

First, I was accused of being a mistress. Which y’all love doing that to me. Never been a mistress in my life but that’s a narrative that’s easy to put on someone like me. Let me just say for the 100,000th time, no. Nor do I approve of that. The story is that he cheated and the woman is my friend. First of all, in my 20 years of knowing him, none of my friends have ever told me or have ever implied that they have messed with this man. Never. Y’all want to make me into this monster, that’s on y’all. I’m a one-woman man and I don’t condone that.

When Kenya needed a hairdresser, I hooked her up with my girl Tash. We was always cool. I would see her out. I love their show. I loved them together. I have nothing to do with whatever the reason is for their divorce. You should probably talk to them about the reason for their divorce and also know, as adults, sometimes people break up and it’s not as scandalous as you want it to be.

Everyone was so quick to pile on Gary, why don’t you just let it play out or let it not play out. It’s none of our business. But all I came on here to tell y’all, is that I have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Kenya, Tash has given you my number. You can call me and we can talk about it. I’m really aggravated with you that you chose to go messy on a blog when you could have reached out to me.

I know me and you are not as tight. I’ve known your husband for a long time. That’s my boy, that’s my buddy…I don’t know the details of y’all’s divorce but it has nothing to do with me and nothing to do with any of my girls. 

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This all started because there was a post on theJasmineBrand that asked if Gary Owen was still invited to the cookout. And I said, ‘No, he’s good people.’ I think she saw that and she said, ‘Claudia Jordan got me feeling a way.’ I was very respectful. I didn’t say anything about you, even though, he’s my friend. I didn’t say anything about him and it just grew from there.

And I just want you to be respectful, Kenya. I know you’re married to a celebrity and you’re not necessarily a celebrity but you were a reality show. When you keep adding on to narratives that are out there, it just makes situations worse. I understand sis, you’re in pain, sis. I understand this is your family. But to just drag and burn everything to the ground and f*ck everybody else up, is not cool. Especially when it’s not true. Stop putting my name in all this sh*t. I’m serious. I’m sick of it. “

You can listen to Claudia’s full comments in the video below.

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