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An investigation is underway at a Houston gas station after the owner shot a customer in the leg.

The New York Post reports Mohammed Kahloon accused 25-year-old Cameron Carson of stealing a $1.99 slim jim and shot him in the leg when they began to argue.

Kenny Allen, Kenny White, and Travis Johnson, witnesses, said they were stopping at the gas station before going to another sales job when they saw Carson go into the store and came out with a slim jim. Seconds later they recall seeing the owner run out of the store.

“This guy came running out of the store while I’m pumping gas, saying about the Slim Jim, ‘You didn’t pay for that Slim Jim,’” Allen said. “He said, ‘I did pay for the Slim Jim’. I said, ‘Hey, man, here’s $2, take the $2 and go back into the store.”

According to police, Kahloon shot Carson in the leg once. “He got shot right next to the van, so he was letting us know he got shot,” Johnson said. “He wanted us to call 911.”

Although Khaloon received questioning, police have not released information about any charges against him. This is not the first time that Khaloon has dealt with the police.

In November 2017, three men attempted to rob Khaloon’s gas station. During the incident, he was hurt but managed to get his gun and fire several times inside and outside the store. One man died crashing his car after he’d been shot.

Carson was taken to a near by hospital where he went into surgery. Police say he is expected to live.



(Source: The New York Post )

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