Liberty City Parents Shut Down Roads Protesting Gun Violence


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Liberty City parents and residents out of Florida have had enough and staged a protest against gun violence on April 11.

Miami 7 News reports protesters marched to the Mayor’s office located at the Stephen P. Clark Center in Brickell, FL to demand change. Protesters used signs, chants and even closed down two intersections to get their point across.

Even though they caused issues in traffic, drivers agreed with the protesters cause.

“There’s a lot of emotion, a lot of anger, and they’re peacefully expressing it,” said driver Max Moss. “I fully support it.”

Dwight Wells, the event organizer, marched side by side with mothers who lost their children to senseless gun violence.

“As a community activist, as a community leader, I stand with the parents of lost kids,” expressed Wells. “We need our crime to be brought down to a tremendously low number. Quick, fast and in a hurry.”

Carlos Gimenez the Miami-Dade Mayor was not present when protesters met outside the Stephen P. Clark Center. According to Miami 7News, Gimenez says he was working and by the time he was finished protesters were gone. He did email them saying he’d like to be a part of a peace march.

Pastor Brian Dennis believes the Mayor needs to make an effort to know and protect the community. “We want him to take responsibility to patrol the area more, but he needs to come out and sit down with these residents,” explained Dennis.

The march was a result of 17-year-old honor student Kimson Green of Miami Northwestern Senior High School was shot and killed along with Rickey Dixon, 18, who was killed on April 8.

“There’s a community effort. We’re going to change and stop these killings. These kids are going to be the kids who make change in this village of Miami-Dade County,” explained Wells.

Operation Blue and Brown got launched this week in Liberty City in an attempt to put more officers in the communities.



(Source: Miami 7 News )

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