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After 17 years of new music being released and celebrated, Rolling Stone put out a new list of the 500 greatest songs of all time to include some of the “newer” songs over the last nearly two decades.

To come up with the list they polled more than 250 artists, musicians, and producers.

Here are the top 10:

10. Outkast “Hey Ya!”

9. Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”

8. Missy Elliot “Get Your Freak On”

7. Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”

6.  Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”

5. Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

4. Bob Dylan “Like A Rolling Stone”

3. Sam Cooke ” A Change is Gonna Come”

2. Public Enemy “Fight the Power”

  1. Aretha Franklin ” Respect”

I can’t argue with the number one song, but why isn’t Michael or Prince in the Top 10?

“Purple Rain” is n umber 18

and “Bille Jean” is 44  hmmmm

what are your thought?