There is no limit to activities on the Fantastic Voyage. Your job will be to figure out how to do ALL of them, while still managing the basic amount of sleep to allow you to function for the next day. Our suggestion would be to catch up on all your sleep before you head to the cruise, because its unlikely that this will happen once you get on board. It’s a “Party With A Purpose” and the purpose, aside from benefiting the Tom Joyner Foundation, is to have as much fun as humanly possible.

Cee-Lo Green



So drink up that Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy and utilize the coffee bar options so that you can make it through. Yesterday’s pool deck concert featured Tamar Braxton, Cee-Lo, Snoop Dogg, Common and DJ Nabs, who kicked if off in front of an excited crowd, who took their lighted bracelets and lit it up as the party moved from day into night.

There was plenty of crowd interaction from each act – Tamar brought some singers onstage to sing with her, Snoop invited women to dance with him, and Common, in a virtuoso display of his freestyling skills, brought a woman onstage and created an entire rhyme around her. I don’t mean a few bars, I mean an entire song’s worth of rhymes. Shout out to real hip-hop.

As these artists were not sailing, they had to get off the boat quickly so that we could get started. Once we did, the night’s entertainment began: Gospel Explosion featuring Shirley Caesar and Marvin Sapp, the comedy show featuring Guy Torry and Rodney Perry, among others. Sapp and Caesar took the crowd to chuuuuuch, and since it was a Sunday evening, if you didn’t make it to church that morning, you definitely made it that night! If you could hang after the comedy and the gospel shows, you still had an entertainment option – the Golden Era of Hip-Hop show featured DJ Kool, Melle Mell and Scorpio, Das Efx and EPMD. Showtime: 2 a.m. Hope you had the Red Bull handy!

Fantastic Voyage 2018 Diary: Day One  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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