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We loved Janelle Monae in Hidden Figures and we fell in love with her music. Every project she’s been a part of has been nothing but good. The famed singer is now back with her newest and third album called Dirty Computer.

“Listen I feel very blessed and honored to be able to be a part of projects that move me. Honored to be a part of Hidden Figures to be a part of Moonlight.  And right now I’m about to release an album,” explained Monae.

Monae explains growing up in the performing arts and credits it with saving her life and keeping her busy as a kid.

“I don’t choose. I think we can do both I mean you’re an amazing comedian. I grew up in Kansas City. I grew up in the performing arts programs there,” expressed Monae. “It saved my life, it kept me out of trouble. I was always acting, Shakespeare programs, acapella choir, talent showcases.”

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