If you’ve ever been to a second line in New Orleans you might have some idea of the celebratory atmosphere on the ship. I am sure that some nice lady that you see every day at your local post office or some gentleman that drives the bus you take to work every day, was out here in a costume that you’ve never expect them to have in their closet. I really do want to know where y’all getting these outfits, though. Help a sister out for next year.

We can’t forget the ladies who came from Japan to get on the cruise. There’s a mother, a daughter and their cousin and they have charmed the entire ship with their embrace of Black music and culture. Unfortunately, with the language barrier, we’ve only been able to find out that they’ve been trying to get on the cruise for a decade because they love Tom Joyner and music!

Did you think the night was over? Have you been reading? Nope. When the Mardi Gras parade ended, the Eric Roberson concert was starting in the Ocean Breeze stage. Oh, and the mighty O’Jays and the Isleys were in Ovation Theater. People, if you haven’t seen these older groups live, do yourself a favor and check them out when they come to your city. You might think it’s not your generation, but you’ll be surprised to find yourself singing along. When you’ve been around forty plus years, you damn sure know how to put on a show.

2 a.m. – Aside from the ongoing jam in the Atrium, there was another concert. The Jones Girls, EnVogue and SWV. The Jones Girls may be down to Shirley, the last surviving sister, but her background singers, reportedly her nieces could for sure form their own girl group. EnVogue looked and sounded great and of course, the Sisters With Voices took it back to the 90’s with their fiery rendition of their hits.

Next up: Jamaica…. and Anita Baker yaaaassssss! Check out our next recap to keep up with all that’s going on on the Fantastic Voyage 2017.





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