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Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Sentenced To Life In Prison

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

Six months after the trial for El Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro, began, the drug lord’s ride of die has learned her fate and it’s not as bad as one might’ve guessed it would be.


According to TMZ, Aispuro was sentenced to three years in prison for her role in his infamous drug operation including drug trafficking, money laundering and conspiracy to distribute cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana. Originally many speculated she’d get a decade in prison for pleading guilty to the charges after getting busted Dulles International Airport in Virginia earlier this year, but the judge went easy on her with the light sentence.

Luckily for her she had enough in the bank to get herself some respectable representation in court and if you couple that with the fact that prosecutors also asked for a lenient sentence due to her cooperation in her case, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that she got herself a much lighter sentence than the 10 years many felt she’d be hit with. Also, the judge probably didn’t want that El Chapo smoke out in these streets. Just sayin.

“Her attorneys argued (apparently with some success) that El Chapo’s spouse was not a ring leader of any sort, nor was she intricately involved in her husband’s operation at a key level. They also claimed she only participated because she had no other choice.”

After serving her three-year prison sentence, the former beauty queen will have to submit to four years of supervised release while adhering to a forfeiture judgment of $1,499,970 representing proceeds of and property gained by Aispuro as a result of the crimes.

That may sound like a grip, but if you got it like that, how much is your freedom really worth to you. We bet El Chapo would give a billion to be able to walk a free man today instead of serving the life sentence he was blessed with back in 2019. Wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow broke out of prison again as he is, El Chapo.

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