The journey is as valuable as the destination

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After completing my first half, I decided to qualify for the 2012 NYC Marathon through the NYRR 9+1 program. I qualified, dedicated months to training and it got canceled. Hurricane Sandy had wreaked havoc on NYC the week before the marathon and the city needed to allocate resources to the victims.   It was one of those moments where I understood why it had to happen, but was still sad and disappointed that I would not get to put all my months of hard work to use. It had not only been a physically taxing process, but mentally exhausting. Training for a marathon pushes you to really get to know yourself; in addition to showcasing your strength, it exposes your vulnerabilities. It challenges you to fight the thoughts in your head that tell you: ‘stop,’ ‘you can’t,’ ‘this is too hard’ and trains you to keep on pushing. Fear and self-doubt are strong, but I had to be stronger. It teaches you to listen when your body needs rest or is in pain and needs care. It forces you to accept your limits, while gently pushing them at the same time. I taught my body how to run 20 miles, prepared to go the full 26.2. I loved and appreciated what it could do and had to accept that there would be no grand finale. When the time came to decide if I would do it again, I knew I owed it myself to complete what I had started. With the support of my amazing, dedicated running community, I did it all over. I ran the New York City Marathon in 2013 and crossing that finish line is one of the most powerful moments I have ever experienced. It was a two and half year journey to get there, but it has transformed me to believe in myself in ways I will always be thankful for.

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