You are stronger than you think you are

Fit woman exercising in city industrial district in Amsterdam - determination and strength lead to success

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Running has taught me what I need to recover from a difficult moment. I ran the Berlin Marathon the Summer of 2016 and was prepared and trained…so I thought. I started off very confident and was doing well for most of it; however, somewhere around mile 15 I was moving slower and hurting more than I should have been. That day was warmer than I hoped so knew it would be tough, but became frustrated that this was happening. That moment opened the floodgates of negative thoughts and suddenly I felt that I was moving backwards. I had to regain control over my mind or this would not end well. I went over my mantra “You are stronger than you think you are.” I didn’t finish in the time that I hoped, but what mattered in that moment is that I did not let the voices in my head win and take this experience from me. I had to believe the strength existed in me and fight for it. Yes, I finished.

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