There are lessons in your failures

African American woman tying her shoelaces before running

Source: AzmanJaka / Getty

Running has brought me so many proud moments; it has also brought me many humbling ones.   After a race that doesn’t go as planned, it’s best to reflect and ask yourself what happened. Running doesn’t really lie and it’s hard to outsmart. The hills do not bend to your excuses and the weather does not care what you had planned; you did the miles or you didn’t. Running doesn’t get easier, you get smarter. Stay hydrated, wear proper shoes, don’t start off too fast, push hard in the end, strength train, and respect the distance. The importance of these lessons were learned the hard way, but have ultimately made me a better, more disciplined runner. In life, we have to accept that not everything will go as planned but is worth finding the learning moment.

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