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While Snoop Dogg has proven he has the skills to be a play by play commentator he needs to get his weight up as an announcer. He had a tough time pronouncing some names during the recent unveiling of the 2022 Golden Globe Award nominees.


As spotted on Page Six The Dog Father needs to brush up on some of the leading names in Hollywood. The Long Beach, California native was invited to read off some of the talent that will have a chance to bring home some hardware at the upcoming 2022 Golden Globe Awards. When reading out the nominees for Best Supporting Actor he referred to Ben Affleck as “Been Afflay.” He quickly saw the error in his pronunciation and corrected himself and apologized. “My fault, sorry, Ben Affleck, sorry for that Ben!” he said. When he read off Belfast star Ciarán Hinds’ nod in the same category, Dogg said “Ca-ron, no sorry, Karen Hinds, work with me now!”

The worst offense had to be when Snoop tried to read off Dune director Denis Villeneuve for Best Director, Motion Picture category. His attempt pronounced his name as “Dennis Villain Uawver”. Nevertheless Snoop made the best out of the surprise cameo by inserting his easy going personality into his time at the podium. Naturally the moment quickly went viral online with several folks using the clips at their attempts of humor. “Setting my ringtone to Snoop Dogg saying “Ben Affleck” #GoldenGlobes,” one user wrote on Twitter.

You can see the full clip below.

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