Inside Her Story: Kicking It With Mrs. Clause


If there’s a Black Santa, then there’s definitely a Black Mrs.Clause and she’s ready to get Christmas on the road with. Every year Genma Holmes dresses up as Mrs.Clause to bring holiday cheer to everyone.

Mrs. Clause credits her grandfather for introducing the concept of giving. “He was my first introduction to giving back and serving my community,” explained Mrs. Clause.

Mrs. Clause works with a lot of military families this time of year, bringing love and cheer in a time that’s hard when missing family members. Recently she’s been experiencing the same thing with her son.

“My son had not only graduated from TSU, but he was deployed right after he graduated and for a family that is serving that can take a lot out of you,” expressed Mrs. Clause.

She realized she, “was on the receiving end of needing that support to keep my spirits up,” after doing that for so many military families.

As Black Mrs. Clause, she sometimes runs into situations of race but she reminds people, ” that kids need to see that Santa Clause comes in all shapes and sizes and different backgrounds. The narrative that he’s an old white man is not the case.”

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