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In December 2019, NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown seemed to claim racism against the NFL in a tweet. Now in 2022, he claims there is no racism, period.

While promoting his new music with the “We In Miami Podcast,” the enigmatic baller explained his position on why racism is now gone. Brown told the pod “You don’t have to have self plenty, there is no racism, you can do what you want in America” and used the excuse of making $100 million dollars in his NFL career as to why racism is non-existent.


Clearly Antonio Brown is tripping and D.L. had something to say about Brown’s comments and spoke on it in the GED section. Listen below:

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Read D.L.’s words below:

D.L.: So, Antonio Brown, it gets a couple of days ago, was talking about how racism doesn’t exist. And his premises that on the fact that he got a $100 million contract. It’s weird that Colin Kaepernick also got a $100 million contract, but he clearly sees racism. It’s also weird that Oprah is worth billions of dollars. And she sees racism is also weird that the NFL has committed over $250 million over two to over 10 years to eradicate racism. So I think that what is interesting is Antonio Brown’s premises, the idea of the fact that he was able to be successful $100 million worth, but that’s based on physicality. And even if you do not buy the premise that racism does exist, we do know that one time when they owned and when they could freely own human beings, they prize the big strong black dudes, they prize them, and they were often separated from the others and told how special they were.

Contrast that with Antonio Brown, one of the gifted, most gifted receivers of the last 20 years a Hall of Fame, talent, precise, right, and very few people have exhibited or have the top kind of talent he does. And for at a very early age, particularly when you exhibit that level of talent, you are told much like those people that the the the people could own human beings did before. You’re told you’re special. You’re glorified, you’re exalted. You give you fed your champion, your hero, Tom Brady’s not coming to let you live with him because you don’t possess a special talent. It’s fairly common with I would venture to say if he’s in his 30s, he probably exhibited a lot of physical traits in his early teens, probably 10-12 years old. And for 20, some years he’s been treated differently. And well, that will start to wane as his abilities start to wind, his favorite will start to wane as his athletic prowess does.

But look, he’s lived more privilege longer than he has it. You see, this is fairly common. You look at Herschel Walker, you look at OJ Simpson, you look at people who have very at very, very early age told that they were different. And then that is the prison they view things from is interesting. And, you know, even even if you’re an entertainer or you’re you know, comedian, singer or rapper or something, nobody gets rich that fast, like athletes, 20 years old, you already set for life, right? And so it can skew your life. But to say that racism doesn’t exist, and what happened to you? That just because you like, that’s just like me saying that because I ate there’s no such thing as hunger, or because I am well, there’s no such thing as sickness.

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You can’t predicate everything on you and decide that you make these. Why? Why are there whole institutions trying to eradicate tell that the banking, there’s no racism till, at the housing, there is no blanket racism? Tell that to the judicial system. There’s no racism, the FBI came out with three reports every seven years and said that a police department or rate are rife with nationalism, white supremacy, and guess what racism, black men in America live at the same rate, I own the same amount of wealth of the nation’s wealth as they did in the 1970s.

That’s not racism. Your houses are praised differently based on who lived there. That’s not racism. So yes, I understand that your view on race could be skewed based on your circumstances on your individual outlook. But it also doesn’t change that for the vast majority of people. The vast majority of people who are the same size as Antonio Brown, who are from the same place as Antonio Brown the saints be they in on the football field, they most likely in jail or dead? You believe there’s no racism in football because it gave you $100 million. Invest that 100 million dollars, make it worth a billion, and then try to buy an NFL team and see what they say to you. All the money you got in the world is not going to change the way they see you. And that is not unusual for a situation with slavery very much existed to take a price buck and exalt Him to the extent that he doesn’t think he’s like anyone else. That’s a little note from the GED section to deal with.


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