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A&E's "Biography: Bobby Brown" And "Origins Of Hip Hop" New York Premiere

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The ever-evolving story of Bobby Brown continues to be told with a new 2 part documentary and reality show on A&E. Do we find out anything new from the original king of R&B? What did he learn about himself during this new doc? Brown talks with D.L. Hughley about this incarnation, Doc, and the new reality show.

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D.L. Hughley: Ladies and Gentlemen joining the show is a very good friend of the show. And he has a new reality show which is crazy because it’s like actually is a reality show before they add them. Put your hands together for the one and only Bobby Brown, how are you doing baby boy?

Bobby Brown: I’m good brother, how you doing?

DLH: You know, I would say art is imitating life but your life is actually imitating art. You kinda were a reality show star before we even knew what that medium was?

BB: Oh Really?

DLH: I would say. I would say even before, we didn’t have reality, so we just had news clips. We used to have a “What Bobby Done Now.” So you decided to let people, you are always pretty transparent, you let people know a lot of your life, you weren’t actually like a wall of silence or anything? What are they gonna learn on this reality show that is something that you’ve been holding back that you kind of didn’t weren’t sure if people were ready to know about you?

BB: There’s a lot in this doc that I talked about, from my childhood, that not many people else, there’s a lot that I had to get off my chest, you know. Cleansed and cleaned out, you know, you got to speak about it. This, is this way of using therapy. This is my therapy. You know, this was very therapeutic for me to do this, this thing with my wife and Kevin Swain.

DLH: You know, it’s funny, because when we talked, we’ve talked any number of times, and I always it makes sense. But you had a documentary than this. So most times when people have a documentary is over and got nothing else to say. Bobby Brown got a part two after that, it’s insane.

BB: Shit keeps happening.

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DLH: Now, it’s interesting, because you’ve done you’ve been in the public eye for a very long time, and had several incarnations. But the one thing that seems pretty consistent is people are really fascinated by you, there’s adoration for you. And people root for you so much that I sometimes think that you don’t necessarily know how beloved you are, even though I think sometimes that may be harder to feel why do you think that is?

BB: I don’t know, you know? Just you know, I don’t know. Going through the shit that I’ve gone through, it’s like you don’t expect, you don’t expect to get up from it. I didn’t expect to lose my daughter or my son but somehow someway through prayer meditation and having a good wife and good, good family members. You know, that had my back you know, helped me get up you know, and having people out there that believe in me, you know, praying for me, you know, that helped me get through a lot of these bad times.

DLH: You were very candid about your relationship with Whitney, and you felt like if you guys still had never dissolved that partnership or had still been together that she might be alive. Is that what, I read that somewhere.

BB: I believe so

DLH: That’s a lot of weight, it actually has a lot of weight to put on yourself like I don’t know that that would have happened anyway. But does that make you feel guilty that you believe that do you feel like…

BB: Some parts of me feel a little guilty but you know, I can only feel what I feel think what I think that you know that’s how I was feeling at the time.

DLH: I think that’s one of the things I’ve always it’s just something It amazes me because like I said I’ve seen you in different incarnations, we drank together, laughed together play golf while you fell asleep while we were golfing all that kind of stuff Hey Bob, it is supposed to be your turn man get up! A Bobby Brown wicked may see your show?

BB: On A&E, a two-part series of the documentary and then there’s a 12-part series of a reality show called “Every Little Step.”

DLH: That’s gonna be dope. Where are you guys next on the tour?

BB: We’re in Aruba, now.

DLH: The one good thing about Aruba is the warm weather is good for your joints so you won’t need as much Ben Gay. I promise you that. The one and only Bobby Brown, y’all make sure y’all check them out. May you be good be well

BB: Always

DLH: Take Care.





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