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It’s been a minute now working from home full-time or for those with extended furloughs of being unemployed. You’re not in this alone, many people throughout the country are returning to the workplace states reopen. Are you feeling stress, anxiety or even want to return to work? What’s next?

Eventually, we’ll all have to go back into the brick and mortar of our workspace.  To prepare, I’ve found some helpful tips to balance the stress post-Covid that might work for the new normal workforce:

  1. Maintain your distance – keep your workspace at least six feet from your nearest colleague whenever possible. Zoom meetings have exploded during the quarantine, suggest continuing that method after it’s over. Limiting direct contact is still advised to prevent a spread.
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  1. Don’t let your guard down – Just because the COVID-19 bans are lifting doesn’t mean the threat is over and life is back to normal. You still need to take precautions – wash your hands for 20 seconds while taking five big deep breaths or singing a song, keep hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes handy and clean surfaces often. Wear a mask, avoid common areas and keep meetings to 10 people or less whenever possible.


  1. Create a healthy meal plan – Eating the wrong foods can have an immense effect on your stress levels and can in turn affect the immune system. Inject the body with proper nutrients on a regular basis. For example, blueberries have antioxidant properties that can help boost a person’s immune system. I love to throw in a bowl, drizzled with honey.New Soul Kitchen, Healthy Meals, 107


  1. Be proactive to alleviate stress – It can be a lot of stress during this difficult time, and adjusting to being back in the workplace may add to that anxiety. Using stress-reduction apps, like CALM or practicing mindfulness and practicing self-care. Helps to calm your breathing and nerves to keep a level head.
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  1. Stay active to be well – It has been reported that regular physical activity helps to boost your immune system and fight off illnesses. Pump up our exercise 3-4 times weekly, eating at least a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, and limiting smoking and alcohol intake. Small changes can make a major difference.
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  1. Be considerate – Stay home if you’re feeling unwell and be on the lookout for the COVID-19 vaccine when available in the future. Keep a thermometer handy to manage your numbers. If you feel like your employer is resisting safety precautionary measures, speak up.