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Oh, why, Sherri, why?

The former co-host from “The View” has come under fire for a recent interview on “The Breakfast Club” where she admitted that her 13-year-old son Charles doesn’t like Black girls because they are “mean.”

“I am going through this thing, he likes these girls and … there’s not that many little Black girls in his school … ’cause he came in and he said, ‘Mommy, I like white girls’ … The little Black girls get mean with him,” Sherri said.

“Like, sometimes they don’t wanna speak. Sometimes they act crazy. And he’s like, ‘Why they act so crazy?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know. So I keep trying to tell the little girls to be nicer so he can come towards you. But the other girls see him and they go, ‘Hey, Jeffery’ and they wanna feel his hair.”

Oh, and Charles also claimed he was turned off by a Black girl because she rolled her neck at him.


This prompted Charlamagne Tha God to suggest that Jeffrey be surrounded by “other strong, male figures” (not sure how that’s going to change his perception of Black women and girls), while Angela Yee said Sherri’s son should be surrounded by “more kids that look like him.”

See it for yourself around the 37:20 mark:

Obviously Black Twitter had words for Sherri for not explaining to her son that Black girls are not mean and for airing out her child’s personal business:

Sherri, yes your son’s feelings matter, but to tell him you don’t know why these girls are “mean” or “crazy” and then to place the blame on the girls, asking them to be more approachable for your son’s comfort is disturbing to say the least.

If a child that young is already co-signing on racist and sexist stereotypes about women who look exactly like his own mother and prefers white girls because they are more accommodating to his masculinity, sweetie an intervention like the one Gabrielle Union had with her stepsons is needed and necessary.

And be clear: If your son only wants to date white girls, that’s his business, but that shouldn’t be happening because he feels like Black women and girls are less than compared to women of different races.

As a Black woman, do better.

BEAUTIES: How do you feel about Sherri’s response to her son’s “dating preferences?”


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