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Federal officials have temporarily halted plans to rename Georgia’s famous haunted reservoir Lake Lanier The post Georgia Republicans Push Back On Renaming Haunted Lake Named After Confederate Soldiers appeared first on NewsOne.

Here are a few scriptures that will hopefully help to renew your strength during this upcoming week and beyond!

The DOJ's scathing report about discriminatory law enforcement tactics that have long plagued Louisville police came days before the three-year date since cops killed Breonna Taylor. The post 3 Years After Killing Breonna Taylor, The Louisville Police Department Finally Faces Change appeared first on NewsOne.

Republican Georgia Rep. Mike Collins somehow tried to link diversity and inclusion initiatives to the Ohio train derailment. That sounds like a really loud dog whistle to us. The post Georgia Republican Absurdly Tries To Link Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives To Ohio Train Derailment appeared first on NewsOne.

The PPA created a form to fill out for anyone who encounters any of these vehicles on the street or illegally parked in their driveways