When did R&B singers become thugs? Maybe we should ask Chris Brown. He’s clearly trying to be the rebel of R&B having beat up Rihanna, Drake and now another fight in Washington, D.C. Listen to the audio to hear why Steve Wilson says we aren’t forgiving him anymore – he has to go! RELATED: The Secret […]

Beyonce‘s mom, Tina Knowles, showed up to Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation’s 2013 Angel Ball with a date and it’s someone we know! Ms. Knowles, 59, made her first red carpet appearance with a man other than ex-husband Mathew Knowles and it was with 66-year-old actor Richard Lawson! Do you remember him? He’s best known for his […]

D.L. Hughley posted the comment below on his Facebook page and then received vile hate. Today’s DLQ is this: Is it wrong for a grown daughter to sleep in bed with her father? Take a look at how D.L. Hughley’s daughter Tyler responded to the harsh criticism her father received: He is the only man who […]

Dr. Edward Chappelle is the president of the National Dental Association. Dr. Chappelle is presently practicing general dentistry in Bowie, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C., with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry. He served as president of the Robert T. Freeman Dental Society, Washington, D.C.   Dr. Chappelle has served in numerous leadership roles for the […]

Dr. Annelle B. Primm, Deputy Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) & Director of the APA’s Office of Minority and National Affairs answers your mental health questions. —- What are symptoms/warning signs of PTSD? Some of the symptoms of PTSD include low mood, fear, avoidance, social withdrawal, feelings of numbness, and flashbacks of […]

The politics of money and privilege collide as the Washington Washington Football Team owner defends the use of the name as “heritage.” Cultural insensitivity is nothing new. My goddaughter who grew up attending predominantly white schools recently shared a Buzzfeed post that parodied being the only black person in class. Some of the things on the list […]

Mali Music made his debut in the music industry making Gospel music, but now this multi-talented artist is prepping to release a secular album that will appeal to the mainstream. So why did he decide to move in a different direction? Watch Mali Music explain his shift, and hear what he had to say about […]

Coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix on since Starbucks, one of America’s fave java spots, is offering its patrons a free cup of coffee from Wednesday to Friday, according to their website.  The free tall cup of brew offer is extended from coast-to-coast. SEE ALSO: 7-Year-Old Philly Boy Burned By School Lunch Howard Schultz, […]