Reverend Al Sharpton was “Stunned” to hear that his good friend US Representative Elijah Cummings passed away this morning. He and Cummings have known each other and worked together for decades. Just a few months ago when Donald Trump attacked Baltimore and Cummings, Sharpton stood by his side. That seemed to anger Trump more […] US Rep. Elijah Cummings passed away this morning after complications from a long time health issue. Ms. Cathy Hughes and Cummings were longtime friends. They met several years ago when Ms. Hughes bought her first radio station, he was her lawyer. She says that he was the first one to shorten her name and […] Baby Shark is a hit among kids everywhere. Chris Paul has remixed it to call out Donald Trump’s childlike behavior. Paul sings, “Donald Trump is an ignorant fool” who behaves like a toddler who needs a spanking and blames it on his “bad” upbringing. Time for him to be out of office! We all […] This morning we woke up to some sad news. US Representative Elijah Cummings has passed away at the age of 68. A colleague and friend of his, April Ryan, spoke to the TJMS about just what kind of man Cummings was. “He saw God in everything” even The Lion King, Ryan said. He was […] Huggy is in a great mood today! He can’t stop singing and reminding everyone that his Washington Nationals swept Guy’s Cardinals and are headed to the World Series. He doesn’t even want to talk to Guy today, unless it’s to mess with him and tease him because his team lost. In October of 1995 Joe, Guy and Joe’s friend/ body guard hit the road in a gold Mercedes. They were headed to Washington, D.C. from L.A. for the Million Man March! So, it was 3 Black guys in a car with two guns (one registered one not), a gallon of weed, and a gallon […] Reverend Al Sharpton is headed back to New York this morning after attending the Democratic presidential debate in Columbus, Ohio last night. There were more presidential candidates participating in last nights debate than ever before. Reverend Al was disappointed that of the 12 candidates only one brought up the murder of Atatinana Jefferson by […] The 2020 Presidential election is quickly approaching and everyone has an opinion. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. weighs in on last night’s debate. The first thing he wants to know is how in the world we had more candidates on stage last night than at the last debate. He thought the idea was to narrow […]