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Method Man emerged as a reluctant sex symbol early in his recording career but now he appears to be leaning into his dashing good looks to great effect. However, some Internet dweeb felt a way about M-E-T-H-O-D Man getting love from his adoring fans and photoshopped an image of his which prompted the Wu-Tang Clan star to call the person out.

Method Man, birth name Clifford Smith, has aged gracefully as anyone of his era and has parlayed his natural presence as a performer into the world of acting via his star-making turn as lawyer Davis MacLean in Power Book II: Ghost. Even before this role, Meth was always thought of as a strikingly handsome man who just happened to be one of the world’s best lyricists.

With that much attention, one is sure to attract some hate and Meth certainly got some in the form of a person online using advanced Photoshop skills to make him appear as if he were barefaced. Method caught wind of the act and called it out as he rightly should have.

In a now-deleted tweet, Method Man wrote, “U know what’s funny ?! A 50-year-old man got y’all in ur feelings so bad. U gotta resort to this…all I can send is love and light #whoraisedyounegroes.”

Meth added some comments to other fans remarking on the Photoshopped image and clearly thought that the act was highly unnecessary. Those responses are all removed from the social media network, but he did leave one tweet up explaining that he’s just out here trying to do his thing without hating on anyone else.

“I swear y’all all I be doin’ is drinking water and mindin’ my business… (exhales),” Meth wrote on Twitter Saturday (Feb. 12).

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Mans was prepared to hate.