The Twitterverse went all the way in discussing the Young Black Leadership Summit, the multi-day event in Washington, D.C. that invited hundreds of young conservatives to participate. On Friday, they joined the president in the White House.

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Trump and his MAGA hat-wearing friends, including Ben Carson, Candace Owens and Stacey Dash, billed the event as some kind of forum for African-Americans to learn about conservative beliefs. But woke Black folks were calling out the event as a lesson in sunken place foolishness. As one Twitter user said, “Young Black Conservatives are at the wh waiting for their massa to speak to them. They’re wearing maga hats. Geesh.”

Reactions began to pour in over Trump, who spoke Friday, focusing on what racist, inaccurate or confusing as heck statements that would come out of his mouth. Reports also focused on the story behind the event.

The summit was a result of a questionable relationship between Trump and Owens, who is busy spewing right-lean beliefs on YouTube and everywhere. The 29-year-old Owens is the Director of Communications for Turning Point USA, the conservatives group that organized the summit. Trump has publicly declared his support for Owens, who also has a follower in Kanye West whose controversial behavior has been met with major backlash.

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