The former Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, hit us with his highly anticipated 2022 Summer Music Playlist. He definitely hit on some hot superstars and unforgettable classics. Mr. Obama also revealed a couple of great books this year and shares some of my favorites so far.

If you missed it, here is her call to action to undecided voters. She talks about the mishandling of the virus, race and so much more.  

Obama had two commencement addresses over the weekend (May 16, 2020). One for the HBCU grads and one for the high school grads. Check them out here, if you missed it!          

How do they manage to look so regal, happy and inspiring all while running a nation, and remain happy in love? The Obamas tied the knot on Oct. 3, 1992, in Chicago.  The former President proposed to Michelle Obama, 54, at a Chicago restaurant in 1991. The pair typically celebrates their anniversary on social media […]

A tenth of the worlds population are left-handed. That’s 10 percent of the population. There are some distinct pros and cons to left-hand dominance. Recent studies suggest people who are left-handed appear to have an edge in competing in sports like tennis and fencing or certain positions on the baseball field. If you’re a leftie, […]