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Time to be your best you (B.Y.B.Y.) mind, body and soul. As you know ladies, our body can be so fickled and complicated when it comes down to sex drive. Do You Have A Low Sex Drive Ladies? Got A Couple of Reasons Why!

Stress and Fatigue

Everyday-stress can build up over time, making you tired and drained. In some cases, your priority becomes sleep leaving time for sex on the back burner.

Sexual Dysfunction

Throughout a woman’s life, sexual dysfunction are experienced with difficulties with sexual response, pain, inability to orgasm, and low sexual desire.

There are treatments out there such as estrogen therapy, prescriptions to combat low libido, pelvic therapy, counseling, and more. Check with your doctor to figure out the right plan for you.

Relationship Issues

Women’s sex drive affected by the stability and quality of her relationship with her partner. If issues have been pushed under the rug for a long time in the relationship, resentment is likely to build up, making her desire less than MORE for you. Examples include instances of infidelity within the relationship, causing distrust and insecurity. Make sure you address the potential relationship issues you both are experiencing and work on finding a resolution.

Psychological Attributes

Your state of mind can really affect your sexual desire, such as depression and anxiety, which can cause a lower sex drive. Low self-esteem and poor body image can also lead to desiring sexless. Talk to a professional to help you get on the path to restore your sexual desire, effectively communicate, and reduce your symptoms of possible depression or anxiety.