It’s been five years since the first Black Panther and the powerful trailer by Director Ryan-Coogler was shared on Saturday, at the San-Diego Comic Con, and Marvel Studios did not disappoint!   A question lingers over the trailer: who will take on the mantle of the Black Panther? A figure is seen in the hero’s […]

Angela Basset accepted the Icon Award at the annual Black Girls Rock! Awards, which aired Sunday night, and social media is still raving about her powerful acceptance speech. Bassett recalled her experiences as a Black actress and her “purpose” as a woman of color. She served up some empowering words for Black women:   NieceyShaw

Who’s going natural for the Summer?! Well let this be an inspiration as Tina Lawson, Beyonce’s Mom, shows off her daughter’s gorgeous “natural” length. We are hair for it Queen Bey. A Mother’s love!     NieceyShaw

Time to be your best you (B.Y.B.Y.) mind, body and soul. As you know ladies, our body can be so fickled and complicated when it comes down to sex drive. Do You Have A Low Sex Drive Ladies? Got A Couple of Reasons Why! Stress and Fatigue Everyday-stress can build up over time, making you tired […]