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Cold Weather In Boston

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Although winter is known for its super chilling temperatures and dry air, it is also secretly known to be the best time to travel. But who wants to travel during winter and ice storms? People who want to enjoy the less obvious perks, that’s who. Also known as off-peak season, you’ll be surprised to find a heap of savings.

Winter weather Dec 12th 2017

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Here’s why winter is the best time to travel:

Affordable Flights

Winter is one of the cheapest times to travel. Have you ever noticed how flight prices in the summer season peak to the thousands in price? That’s because so many people are traveling for vacations and the airlines definitely know it.

Try using the Skyscanner ‘Everywhere’ option to find places to travel, and at the cheapest flight prices. Places like Africa, Europe, and South America are generally always going to be cheaper to travel to during autumn and winter.


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Cheaper Hotels

Many hotels use the seasons to set their prices. Get some great deals by choosing to travel during the months of January through March in the dead of winter to get a steal on lodging accommodations. Some hotels are even half the price of the summer months, and many of the Airbnbs or cheaper hotels are definitely less expensive too!

Fewer People

You’ll be one of the lucky ones who don’t have to push your way through tough crowds to see the sights during winter, because guess what? You’ll be one of the few people there! Head to places like Paris, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Croatia in the winter months to experience landmarks with less lines and fewer people.

Did I oversleep?

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Better Sleep

Although the days are still very short in the middle of winter, you can take advantage of that downtime by getting some much-needed rest.

Did you know? Colder rooms equate to less time falling asleep and a deeper sleep at that. The cool air helps cycle you through the important sleep stages so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Get to booking and safe travels!