Mathew Knowles New Book Goes Deep Into Racism & Music


Mathew Knowles father of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles has seen many things in his life time. Living through school integrations as a child to the ever-changing industry of music. His new book, Racism From The Eyes Of A Child, has struck a chord with the public for fiery commentary alluding to the skin tone of his daughters being the reason for his success.

“They are included when you look at the Mariah Carey‘s, the Rihanna‘s, and  Alicia Keys‘. You know I’ve been in this business 25 years Tom. And you’ve been in it also,” explained Knowles. “I was talking specifically about crossing over to top 40 pop music. In order to be uber successful, you have to crossover.”

When talking about racism in his book, Knowles uses Solange’s album as a source for understanding.

“Each and every one of us experience racism,” explains Knowles. “If you listen closely to Solange’s album she talks about when she gets to the gate at home and has to go through all this explanation and pulling out drivers license to get through the gates. Her album is just about that.”

Knowles has talked much to the media about his telling him not to marry a Black woman and what that did to him.

“I talk again in the book. I talk about my mom once said, ‘Don’t ever bring home no Black nappy head woman,’” says Knowles.  “And you know I quote her. And that’s lived with me and a lot of men have heard their parents say that.”



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