Teenage Black Girl Handcuffed To Pole For Seven Hours By NYPD


Lelani Pacific Jack

One mom is angry after New York City Police Department officers left her daughter handcuffed to a pole for 7 hours on March 20.

The New York Daily News reports, 15-year-old Lelani Pacific-Jack was given permission by her mother leave school early after having painful menstrual cramps at Midwood High school.

While in front of the school, Lelani was stopped by police and asked for her ID. She texted her mother, Danielle Pacific, about being stopped which prompted a phone call from her mother. On speaker phone Pacific says she told police that she gave permission for her daughter to leave school because she was sick.

Soon after, Pacific can hear her daughter struggling with officers as they began taking Lelani to their truck. She recalls hearing her daughter cry, “Get off of me. Let go of my phone! Get off my phone! Mommy!”

“There was no reason for them to hold my daughter for six hours and 45 minutes handcuffed to a pole,” explained Pacific. “They cannot get away with this, it’s unacceptable behavior. I hope to bring exposure to this behavior.”

Police however have a different story saying they saw the teen standing outside the school with other students cutting school. They took all of those kids into custody.

According to school officials, students are not supposed to leave during school hours. A spokesperson for the NYPD stated, “We had confirmed that she was not dismissed from school.”

A classmate close to the scene captured a video  of the incident. “I keep looking at the video and it makes me cry,” said Pacific.

Lelani was immediately placed on probation without seeing a judge following the incident.




(Photo Credit: New York Daily News Screen Shot)

(Source: New York Daily News)

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