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Contemplating what’s next regarding your current job or now that you’ve lost a job amidst this Covid-19 Pandemic, now what?

Pandemic job insecurity comes with a silver lining: It’s better to see the ax now rather than later, because your chances of landing a new gig are highest right now, at least in certain industries. Here’s where to look:

Shipping and delivery companies: Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers, mostly for fulfillment and delivery, and some UPS hubs are hiring as well, although—fair warning—both companies are facing criticism over employee safety. Some couriers are also hiring.

Online learning companies: Now that over 30 million children are out of school, it’s boom time for online schools, which are swiftly expanding capacity. Outschool is hiring thousands of teachers to meet demand.

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Grocery stores and delivery services: Grocery stores are your friends. Major chains such as Kroger, Publix, Rite-Aid, Dollar General are hiring in-store shelf stockers, delivery staff and other positions; ditto for AldiGrocery delivery services and apps such a, Dollar Tree and Instacart are also hiring. Not to mention Walmart is looking to fill numerous positions. Check out some of their corresponding websites.

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Remote meeting and communication companies: Zoom is hiring, as are Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Working families: Many working parents are now forced to hire for many months of childcare, now that many schools aren’t opening back up until fall, realistically. If kidcare is your jam, consider offering cheap, flexible options. Snap up these gigs in the next couple weeks.

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Think broadly: There is no shame in a paying job of any kind, especially during a pandemic. And remember this is an excellent time to skill up. Want to learn to code? Or pick up an online credential? This is the season. We’re all in this together.